Looking Back at 2009 Goals

A look back at how I did on my goals for 2009.
  • I find it helpful to write down some project goals and check back with them from time to time.  The following were the goals I wrote down last year, with the results written in bold italics.
  • Finish my home page update.  Check.
  • Finish setting up the new home server.  Check.
  • Finish Microsoft MCTS certification.  I’ve already taken the 70-536 exam, I just need to finish studying and take the 70-528 exam.  I’m also required to get some certifications for work this year.   Check:  MCTS and Security+ certs obtained.
  • Learn more about Silverlight and WPF.  This is something I want to get at least a rudimentary knowledge of, but I don’t want to sacrifice everything else for it.  I peeked at Silverlight now and then but nothing significant.
  • Learn more about Flash.  My goal is to create a flash “thing” for my home page.  Not really sure what the “thing” will be yet.  I need to look at some other flash things on other sites to get some ideas.  A first step in this process would be to find some software for actually creating flash things.  Did not do anything more than glance at Flash – enough to see I don’t care for it.
  • Use more jQuery in web projects.  Check: Used in some work projects and my home page.
  • Do something with my hostgator web host or cancel it.  Maybe convert it to an ASP.NET host so I can try out some Microsoft stuff there.  UPDATE:  Oops, hostgator doesn’t have Windows hosting.  Check:  Moved my home page to Hostgator.
  • Move some more of my projects to Google Code.  Check:  I have a few projects there now, including my home page code.
  • Give Ubuntu or some other Linux variant a serious trial.  Check:  I used Ubuntu for quite a while in my media center PC.
  • Write some music.  I haven’t done much of anything musical since about 2001, and I think it’s about time to change that.  I need to organize the studio and make it as easy as possible to just sit down and start creating something.  Check:  I wrote a new song during Christmas vacation, giving me a total of two new songs for the year.
  • Try creating a regular podcast.  I don’t really have a good topic, though.  I’m thinking it should be something with a local flavor, though.  Maybe something instructional.  Check:  I did record 3 or 4 episodes of a podcast, but I didn’t think it was very good.
  • I also have this crazy idea to do some short cell animations.  Didn’t do much of anything with this.

Goals for 2010 will be in another post.