Thomas Krehbiel, Software Developer

Hi! My name is Tom. Thanks for visiting my site.

Thomas Krehbiel

I’m a veteran software developer in Virginia, currently writing web applications and data interfaces to support a large Business Intelligence data warehouse. Primarily I work with C# on the Microsoft .NET platform.

I also have experience with other languages like PHP, Java, and C++. I’ve been programming in some form or another since the mid-1980s; I started with BASIC and 6809 Assembly Language on a TRS-80 Color Computer. Before the dot-com bust, I was one of the founders of Nova Design, a startup that produced image processing software for the Amiga. Since 2000, I’ve worked almost entirely with Windows.

I’ve had a site on the Internet since 1998, and I’ve written on since 2003. I write about whatever interests me, anything from technology to politics to gaming.

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Enjoy your stay!

Genealogy enthusiasts: Krehbiel is one of many variations of the Swiss-Russian Krähenbühl name, which means “crow hill” (or some variation thereof). I personally am descended from Peter B. Krehbiel, who came to Kansas from what is now Ukraine in 1874 and later moved his clan to Virginia when he took a job for the Pension Bureau in 1901.