More Facebook in 2015?

I feel like I should engage more with Facebook in 2015. But, to be honest, I hate engaging with Facebook. It’s incredibly weird for me to interact with real life people in the way that I’m used to interacting with The Internet. (Yes, I think of Real Life and The Internet as two entirely different worlds.) Publishing content to The Internet is a form of creative expression, whereas writing and liking things on Facebook is more like dinner party small talk.

Stouffer's Lasagna Italiano

I don’t quite know what I would say to Facebook anyway. Tonight, after an entirely ordinary day at work, I made myself a lasagna… by opening a box of frozen Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano and putting it in the oven for an hour. I try to avoid eating such blatantly unhealthy food too often, preferring instead to make something based around a chicken breast, but this week it seemed like a handy shortcut. Also this is a brand new variety of Stouffer’s Lasagna that showed up in my grocery store a few months back, and I like it better than the previous two varieties. It has FRESH CHEESE & AGED PARMESAN, after all.

Anyway, I might post something about the Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano on Facebook which, to me, would be a hilarious poking of fun at all the foodies on The Internet who post their recipes and report what they’re eating for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately the humor of it would probably be lost on everyone and they would just think it’s weird. Plus all the foodies that I poked fun at would get all defensive. They might start to think that their recipes and lunches and dinners weren’t appropriate content for The Internet. Which, in fact, it isn’t. Hence the humor.

(However, food makes for great conversation in a dinner party.)

Now I’ll head over to Facebook and report on my first Monday in 2015.

P.S. I changed my WordPress theme to the plain vanilla Twenty Fifteen theme. I like it. It looks great on a mobile device.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Out of curiosity, I did extensive research (i.e. briefly went to Wikipedia) to find out exactly when January 1 became the first day of the year. Apparently nobody knows but it was some time before the adoption of the Julian calendar in 45 BC.


Why I’m Not Watching The Interview

Hey, that’s an SEO-friendly title, right? But seriously, I’m not watching it because, using my cynic-powered senses, I can see through this ruse. Everyone thinks they’re watching it to strike a blow against North Korea and censorship, but really they’re watching it because they’re gullible and they fell for Sony’s PR stunt. They may have yanked the film initially out of fear, but they clearly brought it back to capitalize on the buzz. (I would not be even microscopically surprised to learn that Sony manufactured the hacking incident in the first place, because that’s the kind of PR-driven world we live in.)

Symbols in Passwords

Can anyone give me a technical explanation for why so many web sites these days do not accept certain symbols such as parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ] in their passwords? It’s rather annoying and I can’t think of a single reason to prevent using them.

North Korea? Really?

Seriously, North Korea is the country pushing us around?

Then again, in the realm of cyber attacks, the U.S. government is nowhere near the super-power that it is when it comes to bombs and guns. We should fear cyber attacks from other countries. Technology-wise, we are still using stone knives and bear skins.

Bush v. Clinton 2016

If 2016 turns out to be Bush v. Clinton, can we all agree that the American experiment has failed? I mean, just lock the doors and turn out the lights.

Actually I think they’re both too moderate to win their respective nominations in the modern “extreme positions or gtfo” political/media climate.

Back At The Old Grindstone

I realized I hadn’t updated this blog with new information since my unemployment. August was a very quiet vacation month for me. Then I accepted a part-time position working as a sub-contractor on my old project starting September 2. My role is to assist with an upcoming server migration (which keeps getting moved but is supposed to occur this upcoming week) and to help transition my knowledge about the project to the new hires. The project is slightly chaotic now, and it’s less money, but I’m rather enjoying the “part-time” status. This may or may not last through December, depending on many factors.

I’ve noticed that dusk is arriving earlier each day, which means that Fall and Winter is approaching again. For me, Fall means raking a ton of leaves and sneezing a lot since I am basically surrounded by trees on all sides, but on the plus side it means an end is in sight for mowing. This year I hope to do a little better job of winterizing my mower. If I’m very lucky, today may be the last day I mow. (But probably not. I made the mistake of letting my grass get too long before winter last year.)

Winter for me also means hoping that my dog doesn’t repeat the anxiety she experienced last year over my leaving for work in the morning. I still don’t know what triggered it but the only thing I can figure is that because of the season I was leaving the house when it was fully dark. This year I might adjust my schedule to leave a bit later after the time change.

Today Bella is experiencing an episode of “reverse sneezing.” These episodes are pretty scary for both me and the dog but I’m told there’s not much to be done about it except to try and keep the dog calm. They usually last a day and then she is fine. This weekend has been much cooler so I’m guessing that is what triggered it.