The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I freely admit that I have copied a lot of information from other people who have done much more intensive work than I have. All my sources are credited in the footnotes, though.

Eventually I’ll be working on Cynthia’s side of the tree, too.

Tom’s Ancestors [broken link removed]

Partying with the Krähenbühls

So I was up most of the night last night doing geneology research. So sue me! Anyway, I find it very entertaining and highly informative.

I made a startling realization during this time. I have a copy of the Krehbiel family tree made by J. J. Krehbiel of Moundridge, Kansas in 1900, which lists Jost Krehbiel as the progenitor of all Krehbiels. (Yes, I had to use to look up “progenitor.”)

The problem was, every time I did Internet searches on Krehbiel geneology in the past, they would end up with a Peter Krähenbühl, SON of Jost Krähenbühl, at the top of the chart. Now my family tree does not list any Peter Krehbiels as the son of Jost, so I had always wondered if my family tree was wrong.

Then I stumbled on a couple of geneology pages done by other Krehbiels, which gave me the vital link I needed to put everything together: The Jost Krehbiel on my family tree is actually the SON of ANOTHER Jost Krehbiel. (Jost Krähenbühl, actually, who died in the big Anabaptist revolt thingy over in Switzerland.) The Internet Peter Krähenbühl is my Jost Krehbiel’s brother! Suddenly everything made sense again!

I must point out here that the early Krehbiels were very uncreative in naming their children. If you were female, you were almost always going to be named Anna, Maria, Magdelena, or Katherina. If you were male, you would probably be named Jost, Peter, Jacob, Michael, or sometimes Christian. This may have served them at the time, but it sure makes geneology research very tough on their ancestors.

I also stumbled on a geneology page done by, if I’m not mistaken, my step-uncle (though he is no longer married to my aunt, so I guess technically we’re not related anymore), on which I found a lot of useful information about not only the origins of the Krehbiels but the most recent ones out in New Mexico, which I’ve never kept track of.

One other new tidbit I picked up last night: I have always told people that the Krehbiels came out of Austria, which was pretty much dead wrong. They moved (ie. fled) from Switzerland to Germany to escape religious persecution in the 1600s. Then they scattered about from there. My great-grandfather was actually born in Volhynia, Russia before his father picked up the whole family and moved to Ohio around 1874.

Anyway, it was all very exciting and kept me up way past my bedtime.

And The Winner Is…

We survived Holy Week okay (unlike SOME Christian icons who shall remain nameless…). By my count, including Palm Sunday and funerals, Cynthia has played for eleven services this week so far. There is an Easter Vigil service tonight and two more on Easter Sunday. Then she has another funeral on Monday. Then she has a wedding on Saturday. Yikes.

In the couple of minutes of free time I’ve had this week, I’ve been researching the best geneology software for Windows to get. The “big name” programs have pretty limited feature sets. I think I’m going to go with a program called Genbox Family History. It has a fairly tolerable interface (though it screams VISUAL BASIC ADO-BASED CONTROLS at you… really, it’s very noisy), and it has pretty good reporting and referencing capabilities. And once it’s registered I think it has web publishing capabilities, too, so that will be pretty cool.

Goochland Express

Went to Cynthia’s grandmother’s funeral today. Saw a lot of people who seemed to know me a lot better than I knew them.

Also today I got to be a pall bearer. It was quite unexpected. Cynthia’s brother Jeff, who was scheduled to be the pall bearer, had to pull out of the funeral procession because his son starting throwing up. So Cynthia asked me if I would be a substitute pall bearer. I said, “sure, that’s been a life long dream of mine, now that you mention it.” (That is a slight exaggeration.) Anyway it all went pretty well. The funeral home people are a bit pushy though, but I guess that’s their job (“step up, walk left, turn right, turn around”). I must admit that I was a little disturbed that they knew which way “head first” and “feet first” was.

Speaking of funeral processions, while crawling along the back roads of Doswell and Goochland, I finally realized where that expression “the quick and the dead” came from. “The dead” are in funeral processions. “The quick” are definitely not.

That should sufficiently appall any of Cynthia’s relatives that read this…

On a more serious note, Cynthia showed me where her great-grandparents and great-great grandparents were buried. I was struck (you might even say thunderstruck) by how much family history she has readily available whenever she wants to drive out to Goochland to see it. I personally don’t have the vaguest clue where my great-grandparents and great-great grandparents are buried. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to tell you where my grandparents were buried.

Nothing Made Up

I suppose I could talk about some of my recent adventures.

Last Saturday I successfully replaced the fan belt in my truck. Unfortunately, it is still squealing about the same amount when I accelerate. I guess it needs to be tightened or something.

This past Saturday I managed to lock myself out of the house. Fortunately, back in January, after we discovered that we had not thought to bring a house key with us to New York and back, we hid a spare house key outside. Unfortunately, Cynthia never really told me where she hid it and I never thought to ask. Consequently, I looked all over the yard and couldn’t find the spare house key, so I was stuck outside for an hour. I then found out it was rather easy to pop the sliding glass door off its tracks so I could get in. Very handy for when you lock yourself out, but not so great for feeling secure against burglars.

I had not really planned on this (though I figured it was a good possibility), but I am playing guitar for the Monday and Tuesday night Holy Week services. Since my Taylor is still in the shop for some mystifying reason, I had to play my crappy guitar. (Normally I would play my 12-string guitar, but I don’t have good enough calouses for that yet.) Anyway, I played about as well as you might expect for someone who hasn’t played much in the last 3 years.

Yay! I didn’t have to make anything up this time.

Correction: Cynthia informed me that she did actually ask me to play a while back.

The Aliens Came For Coffee

It occurred to me why I find so few things to write here. Most of the things I would be inclined to write about are off-limits because people I know might read the page.

I can’t write about Cynthia’s family. I can’t write about my family. I can’t write about Cynthia’s job. I can’t write about my job. I certainly can’t write about Cynthia (not that I would ever want to!).

That leaves virtually nothing to write about.

I said to Cynthia that I should just start making things up: A large alien spacecraft landed in our backyard today. We tried to offer them coffee, but we were out. (That last part is actually true. Thankfully, Cynthia got some more. She is sort of like Bruce Banner about coffee. “You wouldn’t like me when I don’t have coffee.”)

I’ve spent some time recently working on a geneology tree for the Krehbiel and Miller families with this free GenoPro program. (With the upcoming funeral, I will probably need the information as a reference.) It’s kind of amazing the information you can find for free on If I were willing to part with ten bucks a month, I could probably find out even more stuff. (Though there’s no way to be sure, since they keep saying “you MAY find information about so-and-so in this collection.”)

I’m finding that I can’t stand the look of my web page anymore. I might make a radical change if I get some spare time in the future. This week looks to be pretty booked up though. In fact, once I finish typing this, it will probably mark the end of any kind of home-based productivity from me until Saturday.

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Palm Sunday Kickoff

Cynthia’s grandmother died yesterday after taking very ill a couple weeks ago. She was 104. It has been a very stressful time for the Millers up in Doswell, and everyone is thankful it has come to a peaceful end.

As if that weren’t enough, Palm Sunday tomorrow kicks off Holy Week, otherwise known as Holy Crap That Is A Lot Of Services In One Week, where Cynthia will be playing at least one service every day until Easter.

Cynthia will be fine, but spare a few kind thoughts for me!