Exploring Java Web Development, Part 3

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed resurrecting JWebTrack, the terribly feature-incomplete bug tracking project I did for a Java class oh so long ago.  After building an appropriate database and populating it with some data, the app worked like a charm.

Well, except for one thing:  I had to change statement.executeQuery() to statement.executeUpdate() for the INSERTs.  That must be a recent development in either the MySQL connector or Java because it wasn’t like that in 2003.

One thing I have to admit about JSP web pages and servlets:  They load fast.  Admittedly these pages aren’t doing a lot, but they come up like lightning compared to the PHP and ASP.NET pages I’ve done lately.  (This was in the Eclipse browser… don’t know what it’s using to render pages.)

I have this crazy idea to port some of my PHP blog code to JSP and ASP.NET MVC.  Working on them in parallel should give a pretty fair estimate of the pros and cons of each development environment.

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