Fixes for Mozilla and Netscape

Thanks to ]CC[-Red (who is one of the six or seven people in the world who does not use Internet Explorer), I discovered that my page looked rather icky in Netscape/Mozilla browsers. It has been considerably improved by tweaking my style sheet file, but there are still some cosmetic anomolies with those browsers.

Total FragAholics Feel the Pain

While searching for an old IRC interview with Crayola Clan, I ran across this excerpt from (I think) the Total Fragaholics web page which cracked me up:

4/24/97 – NEW Stuff!

– F’n’T Match

Tonight night is Clan Total FragAholics match against…a clan name I can’t say without laughing…Clan Crayola! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! I think we’ll wax ’em. We’ll just fire a few rockets at ’em, or get ’em near some lava and melt them! hahaha All their members are Crayola colors!! HAHAHAHAHA There’s been countless jokes between my clan buds and I. Especially my buds Sabatoge and Krampster. Sab, is a nut. Anywho I gotta get back to my coloring book. hehe =P Hmmm, I wonder what’s under their wrappers!? Ew…sicko!

4/25/97 – HUGE NEWS

– Wanker, The -1 Wonder

The F’n’T tourney went terribly. We lost against Crayola. DOH! So we are now out of the Tourney. Dammit! Well on the other hand, I can do stuff on Thur. nights again. hehe Oh well. Thanks Bad Karma for letting me use ur computer, even though your mouse sux. I think he has a rock in there…he like lost the mouse ball and something. I got a -1 score cuz I kept discharging in the water everytime a freakin’ crayon came in the water. hehe So I sat down there waitin’ for the bastards. hehe And I got a -1!! hahaha I think I drowned or something. Congrats to the Crayon guys!

Quake Cafe Archives

Essays and Administration

Last night I moved the reviews out of the news and into the essays, and I copied all of the um insightful comments along with them.

I also made a number of cosmetic changes, particularly to the site administration and essay areas.


So I get to work, and about 5 minutes after I arrive, Julio is on the phone. (Julio is not in the office on Fridays.) Julio proceeds to tell me that he needs me to work a little extra to make up for time I missed because of dentist appointments, so that we don’t fall behind schedule.


First of all, we are NOT behind schedule, and even if we were there is only one person to blame for it and it sure as hell ain’t me. I finished the code for not one but TWO modules back in February and March. Back then, I printed out a lovely piece of paper with my suggestions for config file layout for the first program of the first module and gave it to Julio. Julio proceeded to procrastinate his butt off and do absolutely nothing for FOUR MONTHS. He has continued to procrastinate even to this day. Of the six config files I’ve submitted for his review in the last couple of weeks, he has looked at exactly one. Any insinuation that my missing a few hours of work will be the probable cause for any delays in shipping a product is highly insulting not to mention extremely delusional.

So anyway, after he tells me how much he wants to stay on schedule and get the product out the door as soon as possible, what does he say?

“I want you to take an hour or so and go over some programming with Seluki today.” (Seluki is Julio’s daughter, and no that is not her real name.)


Oh and btw Julio directed me to delete some files from the InstallShield project yesterday, saying they were “not needed anymore,” which I faithfully did. Turns out they were not only needed but a major portion of the product. Ha-ha!

Reviews Gone Again!

No sooner did they appear, than I removed them again! All those silly reviews have been moved to the Essays section.


I’m working to flesh out the concept of Essays in my news engine. I’ve decided they should be kept seperate from news articles and presented a little differently. There are still some bugs to work out so beware.

At some point, I will move the reviews out of the News section and into the Essays section, but not tonight!

I am but a worm


Yep, it is the kiss of death. He’ll assume that you are floundering and need his infinite tutoring wisdom, no matter how close to quitting time it is. He is, after all, an expert in everything. He has been programming since college. He started out working with punch tape! What higher qualifications can there be? He is clearly the god of InstallShield 6. It is completely inconceivable that anyone could ever be able to master such a vastly complex piece of software, so THANK GOD Julio is available to explain to us witless programmers how it works. If only I could aspire to even a small fraction of Julio’s greatness!

Duct Tape??

Today’s Cerebral Locomotion anecdoate involves telephones and duct tape. I overheard Julio, a notoriously ah frugal person, suggesting that the broken telephones in the office should be repaired with duct tape, rather than being replaced.

Reviews Added

By popular demand, I’ve added a news section for my insightful book and movie reviews. Navigating the articles is somewhat different from usual. Use the Next Article and Previous Article links to scroll through the articles (this navigation system will undoubtedly be refined in the upcoming days).