I have to admit I’m fairly surprised that Virginia went for the blue president, considering the general anti-Obama atmosphere around here. The only thing I can figure is that Virginia Republicans didn’t think Romney was red enough, so they stayed home. (I know they hated McCain, so I can only assume they didn’t like Romney either.)

I’m also very surprised that Virginia went for the blue senator. I have no explanation for that. (Admittedly, I didn’t follow that race much so I don’t know how it went. I assume it was a bloody massacre from start to finish.) I’m not at all surprised that the 7th district went for the red congressman, though. I’m not sure why they bother having congressional elections there.

I saw some frightening comments on Facebook this morning. Not threatening–I mean frightening in their complete lack of understanding of American government, and the sheer amount of kool-aid that had been guzzled. Critical thinking is a lost art.

Naturally, everyone hugged and gathered as one to say they would support the president despite their differences. (Well, I’m sure someone did, somewhere.) What does that mean exactly? What can one do to “support” a president? Send flowers? In a way, we’re legally obligated to support the president – in that if we don’t pay federal taxes, we go to jail. (Actually I guess that’s more like supporting Congress since they spend all the money.) If the president were to show up at my door and ask for a cup of sugar, of course I would give it to him, because there would probably be a dozen secret service agents pointing guns at my head.

So what does it mean for future presidential races when the polling is 100% accurate, as it seems to have been this time? If the polls show one candidate is certain to win a week before the election, what are we as citizens to do? What does the losing candidate do?

I say we toss out this election nonsense and skip right to the civil war to decide whether America should be red or blue. You know it’s headed there. Don’t deny it.

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