Back At The Old Grindstone

I realized I hadn’t updated this blog with new information since my unemployment. August was a very quiet vacation month for me. Then I accepted a part-time position working as a sub-contractor on my old project starting September 2. My role is to assist with an upcoming server migration (which keeps getting moved but is supposed to occur this upcoming week) and to help transition my knowledge about the project to the new hires. The project is slightly chaotic now, and it’s less money, but I’m rather enjoying the “part-time” status. This may or may not last through December, depending on many factors.

I’ve noticed that dusk is arriving earlier each day, which means that Fall and Winter is approaching again. For me, Fall means raking a ton of leaves and sneezing a lot since I am basically surrounded by trees on all sides, but on the plus side it means an end is in sight for mowing. This year I hope to do a little better job of winterizing my mower. If I’m very lucky, today may be the last day I mow. (But probably not. I made the mistake of letting my grass get too long before winter last year.)

Winter for me also means hoping that my dog doesn’t repeat the anxiety she experienced last year over my leaving for work in the morning. I still don’t know what triggered it but the only thing I can figure is that because of the season I was leaving the house when it was fully dark. This year I might adjust my schedule to leave a bit later after the time change.

Today Bella is experiencing an episode of “reverse sneezing.” These episodes are pretty scary for both me and the dog but I’m told there’s not much to be done about it except to try and keep the dog calm. They usually last a day and then she is fine. This weekend has been much cooler so I’m guessing that is what triggered it.