August Didn’t Arrive Too Soon

It’s finally August, and boy am I happy about that. July was one of the craziest months of uncertainty and turmoil that I can remember.

After the drama of July, I am now unemployed. I have plenty of time to find a job, though, so don’t worry. I was eligible for more severance than I expected, and I can stretch that to last for quite a while, assuming I don’t need to go to a doctor. (I may soon have more intimate knowledge of Obamacare than I cared to.) Even beyond that, I have some savings. More importantly, though, I have job skills that are at least a little bit in demand.

It may be surprising to reveal that everything turned out almost exactly the way I wanted it to turn out. It must be rare that being laid off is one of the better things that can happen to a person. But now I have an infinite number of possibilities ahead of me, and time to pursue them, whereas a little over a month ago, I didn’t.

It’s my hope that I can find a job that allows me to telecommute (ie. work from home), which is probably a pipe dream but I can afford to pursue it for a little while. I started my professional life working from home, so I’m familiar with the pros and cons. I’m curious to see if I can take the lessons I’ve learned from cubicle life and apply them to a home office.