Spring Update

Currently I’m spending most of my online time on another blogging project. I rarely see anything of interest to write about in this particular space. News is boring and repetitive.

I could write a lot about work, but that wouldn’t be very smart. Work is turbulent right now, let’s just leave it at that. There isn’t much I can do except wait and see what happens, unless I decide to preemptively turn my life upside-down.

I could also write about ants. Tiny black ants have invaded my kitchen, but I’ve been fighting back with various deadly pharmaceutical products. It’s surprisingly disheartening to have ants all over the place. Sometimes you just want to give up and say, "Fine, ants, just live here, I don’t care anymore." It’s like trying to fight against an unstoppable force of nature.

I’m probably developing arthritis in my left hip, which is a bit like having a toothache, except it’s in my hip. It makes it difficult to stand up for any length of time. I suppose it could be something like bone cancer, but statistically, it probably isn’t. It’s most likely the result of spending so much time sitting at computers, which the young folks now tell us is more dangerous to your health than smoking.

Spring is upon us, and while I do enjoy the warmer temperatures, additional light, and festive greenery that comes with it, I find myself missing the fact that nothing grows during the winter. Now there are weeds and trees and plants and grass sprouting all over the place, and it requires constant maintenance, particularly after it rains like it has been this week.

Also, Spring is like a giant slap in the face of humanity. All the plants get to die once a year, but we humans only get to die once. But we can still gloat about having sentience.