High-Efficiency Washing Machines

I am using a high-efficiency washing machine for the first time. It is difficult to tell whether an HE washing machine is working properly or if there is some kind of alien-machine hybrid technology coming to life to kill you. (The dog is convinced it is the latter.)

Liveblogging Deliveries

Since I will be doing a fair amount of hurrying-up-and-waiting this afternoon, what better way to pass the time than to make a liveblog!

1:07 PM – I am in the new house with my laptop tethered to my phone. FIOS is scheduled to be installed tomorrow. For now, I’m waiting for a washer/dryer delivery.

1:14 PM – Oops. Moved laptop from kitchen to living room so I could sit on the sofa. The most convenient plug for me to use is, of course, not grounded. So I’ll have to move the power cord when the delivery dudes get here.

1:40 PM – I suppose it would be bad if I fell asleep before the delivery guys showed up. Just being able to sit here for a few minutes and not move something is pretty sweet.

1:46 PM – Phone call from delivery guys…

2:20 PM – Delivery guys are gone, having left a washer and dryer. I am not sure I fully understood the guy’s instructions for using the washer for the first time, but how hard could it be? It’s just a washer. 🙂

2:33 PM – So the next delivery (a mattress) is not scheduled until 4 PM.

3:03 PM – Fixed my mailbox, which I accidentally smashed with the rental truck yesterday. My mailbox is in a row with about five other mailboxes, and by some extraordinary luck, mine was the only one I hit.

3:29 PM – Okay am cooled off again and now moving bookcases into a staging area.

4:26 PM – Got a call from the mattress guy that he would be here at a quarter to 5. Yay!

4:49 PM – Mattress guys are here and installing.

5:13 PM – Bed assembled, complete with mattress protector.

5:32 PM – Unpacked some kitchen supplies. Now sitting down because my feet are killing me. Next delivery/installation is sometime tomorrow, and that should be the last one.

5:44 PM – Okay, nothing else to blog for now.


8:39 AM – Survived a night in the new place, and now the Verizon FIOS guy is here!

9:33 AM – Something beeped.. I think that’s a good sign.

10:35 AM – And FIOS is up and running! The world is back to normal.

The Museum

Couple of pics of the new place…


The living room, which I think of as “the museum,” because it retains the original architecture from when the house was first built in the 1930s. The two bedrooms also have museum qualities.


This is what I think of as “the game room.” This part of the house was clearly added as an addition somewhat recently, because it has a much more modern styling.


And here is the back yard for Bela. There is a fairly nice deck as well. I will not be using the shed much, if at all, because it looks like it will collapse at any moment.

Moving Weekend

No time for blogging! Am moving into a new place this weekend, trying to figure out which things to take and which things to throw away. It’s amazing how the amount of stuff you have multiplies exponentially when you have to move it.