Mobile Internet Obtained

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am on a 1 Mbps Comcast connection for the time being (until I find another place to live, where I can hook up FIOS again). You might think that this would be sufficient for most Internet tasks. At least, that’s what I thought.

It works for email. And some web surfing. But unfortunately, there are these things called “streaming video” and “games.” Guess what? 1 Mbps is not enough to watch high definition streaming video. It’s barely enough to watch low definition streaming video. And remember when I could see a game on Steam and do an impulse purchase and download 8Gb of files in 15 minutes? Yeah, I can’t do that anymore. I did an impulse purchase of TERA, and then sat and watched the estimated download time remaining crawl all the way up to one and a half days. During which time, I could do absolutely nothing else on the Internet because the bandwidth was saturated.

So that’s when I broke down and signed up for Verizon’s “mobile Internet” for another frickin’ 30 dollars a month (for the exact same data pipe I already had, of course). Now I plug my phone into the USB port of my computer and turn on “USB tethering” and I’ve got 4G Internet speeds, which are not nearly as good as FIOS, but good enough to get that TERA download down to around four hours. (I’m not sure TERA was worth the trouble, but that’s another story.)

It’s kind of amazing to think that one can get faster transmission speeds through the air than through a wire. And 4G LTE isn’t even the fastest wireless possible—the lucky folks in Asian countries have screaming fast wireless data as a matter of course.

Introvert Discrimination On Display

There aren’t many things that truly offend me. By which I mean things that are so repulsive to me that I can’t help feeling outraged, and it takes me some time to calm down. And for some reason, the things that offend me are very bizarre subjects that nobody else in the world would give a second thought to.

One of them is Introvert Discrimination, a phenomenon that is rampant in American society yet nobody knows or cares. I just saw this actual real-life headline go through Lifehacker: How Can I Avoid Becoming An Introverted Weirdo? Ha-ha. Yeah, that’s really funny, Lifehacker editor Thorin Klosowski, who I hope sees this in a vanity search. Let’s all make fun of those icky introverts!

(Fyi Thorin Klosowski claims to be an introvert himself, and that he meant “weirdo” in an endearing way. It’s still not funny.)

Introvertedness is not an illness. You don’t “become” an introvert. You can’t “catch” it, like the flu. You are born an introvert. Like you are born with black hair, or blue eyes, or mottled, scaly lizard skin. Introversion has nothing to do with whether you like to go outside or not. An introvert, when standing outside, or in a coffee shop, or at a wild party, is still an introvert.

If you are afraid to leave your house, you are agoraphobic, which is a debilitating mental disorder. So, Lifehacker, change your damn title to “How Do I Avoid Becoming An Agoraphobic Weirdo.” Except that sounds kind of rude and ignorant when you say it like that, doesn’t it?


P.S. I love everything else about Lifehacker. :)

May the fourth…

It’s Star Wars day again already?! The passage of time is definitely subjective. The older I get, the faster the years go by.