Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I was reminded that I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a while, so I thought I would do that.

Most of my writing energy these days goes into more creative sorts of writing, like fiction and stuff.  When I feel like sharing a witticism, which is usually a sentence or two at most, I put it on Facebook or Twitter.  (I still haven’t precisely figured out which social media to use for what purpose.  Most of the people I know are on Facebook, though, except the ones who insist on using slow, antiquated technologies like telephones to stay in touch.)

I don’t really keep up with daily news much anymore; it’s all the same every day anyway, and it all just confirms my personal opinion that the country is doomed until both Republicans and Democrats are kicked out of government, and career politicians are staked through the heart, and journalism stops being a gladiatorial sport.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, which is a 30-day challenge to write a 50,000-word novel.  This year has been going better than the last two, and I’m rather hopeful that I will be able to turn this first draft into a publishable work of around 90,000 words, because, really, who doesn’t want to quit their day job and become a full-time novelist?  For those keeping score, this is actually my fourth attempted novel.  The first one is available to the Internet audience at large if you are crafty enough to find it (it’s not that hard, really).  The second one is incomplete, the third one is undergoing revisions, and this fourth one is still being written.

The day job is still there for me, by the way.  Somehow I lucked into a relatively recession-proof job.  Also, I’m the only .NET programmer there right now, so that helps.  But I find .NET software development incredibly dull now.  The future is in HTML5 and mobile development, which are antithetical to the enterprise where I work.

On the home front I’m still separated, which is a bizarre limbo world. I still live at the house, but I have taken over the upstairs. I don’t see it as a permanent thing but it will do until I figure out my next move. (I am not known for making quick life decisions.) If you want to call me, it’s probably better to use my cell number now, if you know what that is. (It’s not on Facebook, for obvious reasons. Email me and I’ll send it to you.) But really, it’s much faster to email, text, or Facebook message me, also it saves me from the arduous process of forming thoughts into verbal communication, which is actually not very easy for me. (Surprising, I know.) But then, people who use telephones are probably the exact opposite—worse at putting thoughts into written form—so I guess there needs to be some compromise there or something.

I have read a lot of books lately. Since I got a Kindle, reading books has become quite fun again. It’s basically impossible for me to imagine reading a book without a search feature anymore.  I’ve read George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch series, I even started on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I’m also trying to read more modern fantasy stuff to get a sense of where the market is (which is in Urban and Paranormal Fantasy, if you’re wondering, which is cool when done right, but boring and formulaic when done badly – the Iron Druid Chronicles are done right, if you want a fun recommendation – they are a bit like the Stainless Steel Rat only the protagonist is a 2,100-year-old druid). Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks from Audible.com, which I am using to catch up on science fiction classics (Dune, The Mote In God’s Eye, Lucifer’s Hammer, etc.). I’m currently listening to the cyberpunk classic Snow Crash, which started out awesome but is getting sort of boring toward the middle.

Anyway, Happy Belated Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving!  And Samhain if you’re into that pagan thing.