Irene: Sunday Noon

It’s bright and sunny outside, and the ground is quickly drying. The power was miraculously restored here at about 11 AM, far exceeding my expectations.  Other than the maple tree sitting on our shed, there is little to indicate that a hurricane passed by yesterday. However, I do think we deserve replacements for the lost weekend time.

Irene: Sunday Morning

Storm is gone. No power, no coffee. But no more storm damage either. Now to deal with the aftermath of having no Internet except on this tiny Droid Incredible screen.

Irene: Saturday Afternoon

Power out now, probably for good and all. Strong gusts have knocked a tree onto our shed… the only damage in the neighborhood I can see, naturally. Dogs are busy with bones.

Irene: Saturday Noon

Steady rain continues, with occasional bursts of heavy downpours. (It is not “blinding” as the television just reported.) Wind is breezy with occasional gusts. Power has just come back on after being out for about 45 minutes.

Irene: Saturday Morning

Hurricane Report From Richmond:  It is raining. I would describe it as a completely ordinary rain, not particularly heavy, but steady. A little while ago, I heard a mild gust of wind outside. Otherwise it is completely quiet.

Natural Disaster Week

It’s been a big week for natural disasters here in Virginia.  First a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, complete with aftershocks (which caused a lot of excitement but we didn’t suffer any discernable damage), now we’ve got Hurricane Irene bearing down on us.

We’re all set with batteries and flashlights and whatnot, but we have no generator here in the suburbs.  It’s tempting to get one, but a gennie wouldn’t help with an Internet outage, and electricity without Internet is hardly worth the effort.  (Who cares if the food spoils?  I need to surf the web!)  It’s not going to be anything like the 10-day-power-outage that we got from Isabel anyway.  The worst part will be convincing the dogs to go outside in the rain.