Too Many Social Media Sites

I’ve reached a social media crisis point. With the release (sort of) of Google+ it’s now clear that there are simply too many social media sites to keep up with.

I’m on Twitter, but I’ve basically given up on it. It’s like an email inbox except 50 times worse. The thought of actually *reading* everything in my Twitter feed is unbearable, especially when 99.9% of the posts are links promoting some article or another. The only way I would be able to use Twitter is to aggressively cull the people I’m following down to maybe a dozen. And while I used to write pithy tweets occasionally, I always felt “weird” because I wasn’t promoting a link; I don’t think creative writing belongs there anymore.

Of course I’m on Facebook, which I suppose is my “main” social media site, where I have connections to real life people that I actually know. At least the ones that know how to use a computer. Which is not all of them, to be sure. The biggest problem with Facebook is the disparity between social circles. I have friends, family, work, and gaming people all mashed together. I don’t want my family necessarily to see what I would post to friends, and I definitely don’t want my co-workers to see what I would post to my family. So I have them all segregated into lists, which is so complicated that I generally end up posting nothing to anyone. And of course I can’t ever “like” anything because I may not want everyone to know I liked something. As for posting, most of what I want to post is technical, which certainly doesn’t belong on Facebook because 99% of my Facebook friends are non-technical.

I’m also on LinkedIn which is a “professional” social network. I have a profile there which basically contains my resume, and head hunters routinely regale me with job offers. I really don’t know what to do with that either. Should I answer them? Or do I just treat them as spam? If I ignore them, am I hurting my chances somewhere down the road? I don’t think so, because I’m guessing a head hunter would leap at any opportunity to place someone in a job. At any rate, I can’t imagine what I might post on LinkedIn except something like, “Hey I sure am awesome at programming. Just wanted to let you prospective employers know.”

Now Google+ has appeared on the scene which I like so far, especially because it fits in with the other Google services I use (like Buzz and Reader and Picasa). I could use G+ as a more technical social network where I can talk about stuff that wouldn’t make any sense to my Facebook friends. Of course, then I wouldn’t have anybody but strangers in my circles, because as I said before, most of my real life social circles are very non-technical people. 🙂

And then there’s my web site. Do I even need it anymore? I’d like to think so, because I really like the idea of having one. I like the idea that I “own” my content there. But holy crap is it a pain to maintain that site. And of course, it’s not “connected” to anything. I have no idea if anyone even goes there. It’s purely a publication platform and a landing site for when people search for my name. (But social media profiles rank higher than my page anyway.) I suppose its only use is the publication of long-form articles, which I rarely write any more.

And where do I post content about NaNoWriMo every November?? Nobody on Facebook would care, nobody on G+ would care. Only other writers would care. Is there a social network for writers?? Do I need a different network for each and every one of my interests??

Oh, the humanity! I can’t make sense of it!