George Allen Running For 2012 Senate

So I saw that George Allen is running for Jim Webb’s Senate seat in 2012, which I suppose means we can look forward to another Virginia election cycle full of Democratic bloggers and consultants pushing “macaca” as their go-to strategy.  Everything old is new again, or something.

Personally I think that strategy will backfire – by now, everyone has had plenty of time to determine that the whole racism story was a complete farce, and everyone probably feels bad for Allen.

I don’t particularly like George Allen – his personality rubs me the wrong way – but I expect he’ll be a shoe-in if the current political climate continues, whether Webb seeks re-election or not.

One amusing thing to watch in this election will be the face-off between George Allen and Tea Party organizer Jamie Radtke, who is also running for the Republican nomination.  Just how right-wing does a Tea Party candidate have to be to get to the right of George Allen?

As of this writing, there has been no word about whether Jim Webb will seek re-election.