The 2010 Mid-Term Election Prediction Post

I don’t normally do election predictions, but in this case I feel pretty safe in predicting:  Republicans will win more than Democrats tomorrow.

My reasoning is simple:  All the pundits and all the polls are saying it.  Polls are self-fulfilling, so it’s a pretty easy call (oh come on, don’t even pretend daily poll results don’t influence voters!).  I will also make these additional bold predictions:

The media will act surprised by the election results.

Democratic pundits will blame Obama for their losses.

Republican pundits will say the voters responded to the Republican message.  (And blame Obama.)

Some bloggers will blame losses on a lack of engagement with social media (because bloggers perpetually look to work for next year’s campaign).

Many bloggers will post something with a title that begins with the word, “Why.”  (As in, “Why Republicans won,” or “Why Democrats lost.”)

Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann will remain pompous buffoons.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will continue to mock politicians and cable news.

There will be no meaningful legislation passed in the next two years.

There will definitely be no legislation passed in the next two years that decreases government spending in a statistically significant way.

And, unfortunately, I will still have to go to work on Wednesday.