HTC Incredible Road Test

If you’ve seen my Twitter feed lately, you probably know I got an HTC Incredible (aka. Droid Incredible).  It’s my first smart phone so I have nothing to compare it to.  Which means this road test review will be pretty short:  Everything about the Incredible rocks and everyone should get one.

If I were forced to scrape up some bad things to say about the Incredible, I would say the position of the power button (on the top left) is a little annoying.  The inch-long volume rocker on the left side is a little awkward to use, especially one-handed.  The headphone jack is on the top, and while there is nothing particularly wrong with that, I’ve learned from the Zune that I prefer it on the bottom of the device.

Battery life is good enough for my needs.  It claims “146 hours standby time” and “5.2 hours talk time.”  In practice, the battery life varies greatly.  One day the phone started complaining of low battery after 9 hours, 50 minutes, and another day it ran 15 hours, 47 minutes and still had 40% of the battery left.  I don’t know how that compares to other smart phones, but it seems pretty good for what is essentially a handheld computer.

I had hopes that the Incredible would replace my Zune for music and podcasts, but I don’t see that happening until Android media handling improves.  Don’t get me wrong – the Incredible is perfectly capable of playing MP3s and videos, and it’s got 8GB of space built-in (plus a micro SD card slot for more storage), but it’s awkward getting media onto it.  The only way I know how to do it is to plug it into a computer and manually drag my MP3 files over to it like it was a USB stick.  Not quite as good as the Zune which has software to grab all of your podcast feeds and sync everything to the device automatically (wirelessly, even).

Other than that, the Incredible does pretty much everything I could want a handheld computer to do.  How can you complain about a device that lets you read your email, check Facebook and Twitter while walking the dog?  Now I just need to get cracking on some Android apps!