An ActBlue Day For Virginians (UPDATED)

Ugh. Looks like RK is bringing ActBlue and the sordid world of partisan Internet fundraising into Virginia politics: Time to Act Blue in Virginia! Woe be unto those Democrats who fall out of favor with the almighty Lowell Feld, because he will undoubtedly only let voters insta-donate funds to the candidates he approves of. (Personally, I think every candidate in every party should have access to that kind of fundraising technology.)

UPDATE: Alice commented that ActBlue will support any Democratic candidates, and that seems to be true. However, there was this one little puzzling phrase in ActBlue’s FAQ: “As long as they’re a serious Democratic candidate we’d be happy to post them.” I’d be interested to know how they define a serious candidate. I would hope they’d accept anyone who has filed the proper paperwork to run for an office.

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What Happened To The Virginia Blog Carnival? (UPDATED)

Is it just me, or has the Virginia Blog Carnival had a decidedly right-wing slant to it lately? The last four especially have been awfully heavy with conservative snark and propaganda. I always thought the Carnivals were supposed to be non-political… maybe that rule only applies when Republicans are in power. :o

UPDATE: I’ve been told that the right-wing slant is not a conspiracy of any sort, but merely the result of a lack of left-wing slanted submissions.

Thomas Krehbiel writes The Krehbiel Strikes Back, a generally centrist commentary on news, media, politics, and culture.

Let’s Trade

Not surprisingly, Virginia Republican bloggers (eg. Virginia Virtucon and Bearing Drift) don’t like Jim Webb (D-VA) very much. I personally don’t like or dislike him: As long as he doesn’t screw anything up before the next election cycle, he’s doing a good-enough job for me. I just voted for him because he wasn’t George Allen. :)

But anyway, here’s my somewhat tongue-in-cheek proposal to make everyone happy: Let’s put George Allen back in to replace Jim Webb, and then repeal the Marshall/Newman (“Marriage”) Amendment. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Thomas Krehbiel writes The Krehbiel Strikes Back, a generally centrist commentary on news, media, politics, and culture.

Virginia Marine Falls: Lance Cpl. Daniel Morris

I’m embarrassed at how late I am to mention this, but here goes: This year I’m trying to do what little I can to honor fallen soldiers from Virginia by making a brief note about their passing. It’s not nearly as much as they deserve.

Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel Morris of Augusta County was killed in Iraq by a landmine on Valentine’s Day. This is the 3rd Virginia KIA this year, by my count. From the Times-Dispatch: “He wanted to go to Iraq. He wanted to relieve some other man who might be a father or a husband so he could come home to his family,” said former band leader Matt Baraclough. “Tell me that’s not honorable.”

SWAC Girl has much more on Lance Cpl. Morris:

Previously: Virginia Guardsmen Fall.

Confederacy Museum Name Change

This should get the Virginia neo-Confederates riled up: I heard on the radio this morning that the Museum of the Confederacy here in Richmond is thinking about removing the word “Confederacy” from its name after it moves. Apparently they’ve found there is some sort of negative connotation in continuing to glorify the Confederacy 140 years after the rest of us noticed the war was over. Who could have guessed? :o

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CASTLE Jumps The Shark (UPDATED)

Starting to get back to normal here at work, so I can actually keep up with my news reader again.

I think CASTLE has officially jumped the shark with their latest round of personal attacks against Waldo, and, by extension, everyone who disagrees with them. First Waldo was manipulating Wikipedia entries, now he’s manipulating Google search results. Is there anything Waldo can’t do? Anyway, I just cleared those guys out of my reader. It’s a shame I can’t erase their ideology from society, too.

UPDATE: Hehe.. I just noticed that Right Wing Liberal wrote a piece called Has Waldo Jumped The Shark?. I knew I’d seen the shark-jumping thing referenced somewhere recently but I didn’t realize it was an anti-Waldo post. That’s what’s known as unintentional irony.

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Eric Cantor: Not My Fault

Still in a busy work cycle, so not much time for blogging. I know it’s a bit late for this, but since Eric Cantor is my representative, I should probably make a comment about his antics on Hardball last week. My comment is: Don’t blame me — I voted for the other guy.

But seriously, while I agree that Iran is undoubtedly funding and helping insurgents in Iraq (as the U.S. is funding and helping insurgents in Iran), and that Iran is one of the principle antagonists against the U.S. right now, the idea that we’re “at war” with Iran is a bit of an exaggeration. I don’t know enough about the War Powers Act to comment on presidential vs. congressional authority, but I would hope that the decision to attack another nation rests on the shoulders of more than one person in the government.

Thomas Krehbiel writes The Krehbiel Strikes Back, a generally centrist commentary on news, media, politics, and culture.

Henrico County Tidbits

It’s been a rather busy few days at work, but I wanted to quickly mention a couple of things I heard today about Henrico County.

First, I heard the Board is planning to abolish the icky new vehicle decals. Unfortunately, my old decal expires next week so I’m not quite sure if I should put the big square one on for now or wait for them to send me a new one.

Second, I heard something on the radio about Virginia exporting more computer memory chips than tobacco, and that they were made in Henrico County! I don’t have any links to back that up, but that’s pretty cool if it’s true. I always thought the Richmond area was one of the least technological areas of the state.

As The Virginia Blogosphere Turns

For those interested in blog operas (did I just coin a phrase?), another sophomoric effort to discredit well-known Virginia blogger Waldo Jaquith is taking place, courtesy of the more volatile members of Virginia’s Republican blogosphere (which, unfortunately these days, is almost all of them). Instead of a boring, chronological linkfest, I’ll try to document the saga with funny and representative quotations from the participants.

The argument began with a difference of opinion over whether Republican Virgil Goode has any ethical or financial culpability in a failed deal between defense contractor MZM and the town of Martinsville, and spiraled into an accusation that Waldo had deleted a trackback link from his blog (a mortal sin among bloggers). Here’s a small sampling of classic quotes, rearranged for maximum comedic effect. I’ve added (R) and (D) notations to distinguish the Republicans from the Democrats.

Waldo Jaquith (D): “I will be very interested to see whether the congressman [Virgil Goode] does what he ought to do here — personally cover Martinsville’s tab. He arranged the deal, he provided his assurance that this would be a good investment for the city, and in returning the tainted [campaign] contributions [from MZM], he’s established his personal financial culpability in the impropriety of this relationship.”

Alton Foley (R): “Once again Waldo is off in his Virgil Goode Bizarroworld. … Let me tell you the truth of the matter. A truth that is easily discovered if one only looks for it…” It’s worth noting that Alton did not provide any links to any of his sources, forcing the reader to either look for the truth himself or trust Alton’s conclusions completely.

Ward Smythe (R): “Still, in my view, if you can’t make your case without name calling and profanity, you really don’t have much of case.”

Mark Brooks (D): “I would only add that Mr. Foley is a smug, self-righteous dick…”

John Maxfield (R): “Recently, Alton Foley took the Almighty Knower of Things, Waldo Jaquith, to school…” Uh oh, name-calling from both sides! (Fortunately, name-calling only counts when someone else is doing it.)

John Maxfield (R): “He [Alton] soon found out that the voice of truth was not welcome in Waldo’s echo-chamber of misconceptions, exaggerations, falsehoods, and lies.” Hands down winner for Best Unintentional Irony.

Alton Foley (R): “Anyone that can refute a single fact that I’ve posted will receive a dedicated post on my site that acknowledges that failure on my part.”

Waldo Jaquith (D) to Alton (R): “Alton, you have not rebutted anything that I have said, as I cannot rebut anything that you have said. That’s because we’re both citing presumably accurate public records reported in the media that do not contradict one another… The only area where we presumably disagree is on the degree to which Rep. Goode is culpable.”

Waldo Jaquith (D) to Ward Smythe (R): “…we [Alton Foley and I] entirely agree that it [Alton’s trackback link] was there. Then it was flagged as spam and disappeared. Alton believes that it disappeared because I deleted it. That’s not so and, I should know, because it’s my blog.”

Spank That Donkey (R) to Waldo (D): “Why not stand up to Alton for destroying your latest tirade against Rep. Goode?” Doh!

Waldo Jaquith (D) to Alton (R): “This is a part of a pattern than [sic] you and I have gone through for nearly a year now. You accuse me of something terrible, using strong words and harsh criticism. I point out to you that your accusation is false. You refuse to believe me. I provide undeniable evidence. You apologize. We’ve done this over and over and over again. When you accuse me of something, I see it as an inevitable prelude to an apology.” Hilarious.

Badrose (R): “I’m not criticizing them [Martinsville Bulletin staff] by any means – if I owned a newspaper you better believe I’d use it to further my agenda.” Scary words from a member of the Old Dominion [Conservative] Blog Alliance.

Rowhey (R) to Waldo (D): “Don’t come on here and present a bunch of idle speculation and call it fact.” This was particularly funny because Rowhey wrote this on Waldo’s own blog!

SLANTblog also has a typically excellent roundup here: Aggrandizing aggregation aggravations. Biting, true, and funny. Read the comments, too.

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Accuracy In Media Not So Accurate

My conscience dictates that I post this small retraction: Last week when I was rambling about Keith Olbermann, I linked to what I called an “interesting article” on Accuracy in Media (AIM) which suggested a link between the post-9/11 anthrax mailings and al Qaeda.

I’m always enthusiastic about finding new media watchdog blogs, so I eagerly added an Accuracy in Media feed to my news reader. Since then, I’ve been subjected to a non-stop stream of far-right rhetoric, which has prompted me to conclude that AIM isn’t so much interested in “accuracy in media” as it is “accurate representation of far-right ideology in media.”

This is basically the same problem I experienced with the similarly far-left rhetoric of Media Matters. So I’ve deleted Accuracy in Media from my news reader (as I did Media Matters) and I hereby retract any previous implication that AIM might contain factual information. I heartily apologize to anyone who may have stumbled onto AIM through my earlier post, and if you are currently reading AIM to stay informed, I urge you to seek professional help in reversing the brainwashing you are being exposed to.

That is all.

Thomas Krehbiel writes The Krehbiel Strikes Back, a generally centrist commentary on news, media, politics, and culture.