If I’d only had a Midigun…

Wow these RSS Newsfeeds are awesome for finding things to write about on my blog. Now I can be just like television media and rip off stories from other sources! Check out the Midigun!

In other news, I’d like to take a moment to say that the personnel at Hollywood Video on Staples Mill Road suck more than is humanly possible. I go in there, the place is nearly dead. I go up to the counter to check out my movies. There’s only one guy behind the counter. There’s a guy and his 3-year-old in front of me at the counter, renting like 3 things. First of all, he’s renting Madden ’06. What’s up with that? What grown man plays Madden ’06?? I guess this is the first generation where the parents play more video games than the kids. Anyway, he’s got some rent-one-get-one-free card. Uh oh, this could be trouble for the brain surgeon behind the counter. Sure enough, our friendly neighborhood high school dropout cannot work the cash register to process this Pythagorean transaction. It doesn’t help when one of his co-workers comes inside from her break and asks where her cigarettes are, and Mr. ADD Cash Register Guy completely stops helping his customer to help look for the cigarettes. The co-worker then proceeds to WALK BACK OUT leaving me and the rest of the line behind me to hurl mental death threats and Christmas wishes for lung cancer at her. Some time later, there is a problem with the cash register. Should he push 99 or not? The complexity of the transaction is too much for him to bear on his own, so he has to call for help. Another woman comes in from outside who thankfully has some brain cells. She calmly helps Stupid Head finish with Madden-Is-My-Life and his kid. And then, wonder of wonders, she utters that blessed phrase that we all love to hear, “can I help the next person in line?”

My transaction took about 1 minute, tops.

Situations like this make one seriously consider the whole Netflix thing.

Today’s News

Today was particularly boring, being a Friday and all, so I decided to comment on today’s top story. I have discovered the joy of RSS Newsfeed Readers, so I now have instant news from around the world available at my fingertips.

The big event of the day was, of course, Hurricane Katrina. Reuters in particular found this a fascinating event. All week one could find stories about how the storm, not even a Category 1 hurricane when it started mind you, was going to mess up Florida once again. No story would be complete without at least one reference to last year’s devastating hurricanes. So today we learned that Katrina finally pummeled Florida. Wait, no it hammered Florida. No wait, it devastated Florida. (It took Reuters three or four attempts to find the right verb for the story’s title.) Now, it turns out that Katrina is “rearming” after “rampaging” Florida. Keep your thesauruses handy for tomorrow’s hurricane news.

Mucus update

Today is the 7th day of my most recent sickness, although since I began feeling badly last Saturday night, one could argue that this is actually the 8th day. This past week has been a complete and total loss for me, since I have been unable to go to work or do anything productive at home. And while I have been improving each day since Thursday, I have to say that it is really freakin slow improvement. Today I am still experiencing the delightful body-wrenching hacking cough, though in fairness it generally only appears in the morning and evening. My head is quite full of mucus, too, which is an all-day experience. And my throat, of course, is still pretty sore.

I have to go back to about the winter of 1998-1999 to find the last time I had an illness this prolonged and debilitating, and before that I think I would have to go back to about 1984 when I had bronchitis. A quick Google search reveals that this is most likely what I’m experiencing now and what I had in 98-99 as well. Google also gives me the cheery news that there’s basically nothing one can do about acute bronchitis except wait for it to go away. Not even a day trip (for the humor impaired: note the incredibly funny reference to typical length of time spent in waiting room) to Patient First for some antibiotics would help, since it’s a virus, not a bacteria. Stupid viruses.

I am still quite mystified about where this virus came from, but I suspect either last Saturday’s trip to Wal*Mart (the most physically and politically unclean environment on Earth), or perhaps some kind soul left their virii lying around the public bathroom at work.

Scanning and flaking

I have been feeling rather poorly the last couple of days, so I stayed home from work to rest up. While doing so, I continued scanning some family photographs. I have now scanned 739 slides and photographs. This represents perhaps a third of the actual number of photographs I have in my possession. (Less, if you count negatives.) Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know that.

Also, the skin on my fingers is peeling off again. It’s quite disgusting. Cheers!

Categories Removed

Since I basically never write anything in the Site News or Crayola categories, I pulled them down. If there is anyone that particularly needs them back, I can do so with the flip of a bit.

Extra Crispy

So Cynthia and I went to Tangier Island on Saturday with her family. It was pretty fun. The island itself was a little sparse on the entertainment side, which is understandable since it only has like 150 people on it. The tour people said their local economy was based on fishing, but I would be willing to bet that a big percentage of their economy is based on tourism as well. Everywhere you turned, there was an opportunity to spend some money. (“Authentic Tangier recipies, 50 cents! See fish in an aquarium, 25 cents!”)

Anyway, the point of this story is: I went out there without a hat or any sunscreen. Half a day in full sunlight makes Tom a bright red boy. Ouch.