Tear Down The (Shed) Wall!

Cynthia and I spent our Memorial Day in a relaxing fashion: We busted up our shed into a million pieces. It was quite a bit harder than I expected.

The plan is to build a new one, or at least begin building a new one, this summer. Whether that will actually happen or not is still up for speculation. :)


Cynthia and I saw Episode III Sunday night. Pretty cool. Way better than I and II. Don’t sit too close, though. It was the first time I can recall going to a sold-out show since Empire Strikes Back.

I found it funny that people kept referring to it as “Wars.” Kids today! How ADD do you have to be to think “Star Wars” is too long?

Exclusive First Peek!

Here’s an exclusive peek at my Genealogy program. I’m writing it for the same reason I write all my other programs; I don’t like everything else that’s out there. I wanted something that’s easy to navigate in, and something that looks spiffy. GenBox is pretty good, but the interface is clunky. Plus there are a lot of extra bells and whistles that are pretty useless to me and I would imagine most other people in the world. I want a pretty streamlined workflow.

In case you’re wondering, the program can currently only load a GEDCOM file and navigate around in it. A release where you can actually use it for something useful is probably a good six months away, if I don’t get tired of it before then, that is.

Screenshot of Tom’s Genealogist