What’s In A Name

I haven’t been doing very much lately except researching my family history. I find the whole process of piecing together concrete information from small bits and pieces pretty fascinating. Yesterday I actually went to the Library of Virginia and looked up some more information. Sadly, that process is much more time-consuming than I thought, so I still have a huge list of things to research there.

It seems strangely appropriate to be descended from the Grays.

Though I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I guess I’m actually only partially descended from the Grays. 1/8th to be exact. Still, I find myself oddly connected to them. Maybe it’s just that they’ve been the easiest name to research so far.

It’s funny the significance a name has. I’ve always thought of myself as a “Krehbiel,” but I’m really only 1/8th Krehbiel. The rest of me is Schmidt, Blunk, Brinkman, Renshaw, Brown, Gray, and one other one I don’t even know yet. It’s a good thing one’s name doesn’t contain all of one’s ancestors. Krehbiel is bad enough, but can you imagine saying, “Hi, my name is Tom Krehbiel-Schmidt-Blunk-Brinkman-Renshaw-Brown-Gray-something, nice to meet you.”

I’ve been rather disappointed in the Renshaw line so far. I figured they were going to be some exotic people from England, but no, they are just poor, simple farmers from Ohio. They are the only ancestors to make it out of the backwoods country though; they lived in Spokane, Washington and eventually Washington, DC.