DIBs and BitBlts

This won’t mean anything to most everyone, but tonight I revised the internal workings of my image processing engine so that it uses Win32.CreateDIBSection to allocate the pixel storage. This should not only increase the speed of rendering the data onto Win32 displays, but it should also decrease the memory usage considerably. You can now BitBlt() directly from my Nip bitmaps onto a Windows DC! This should also improve the performance of my NIPX component, which will in turn speed up Galleria.

Just trust me, it’s pretty dern cool stuff. It makes me giddy! Wait, maybe that’s from being up so late.

One More Thing

Tonight Cynthia showed me some clinical reports from a school evaluation on our nephew, and I found myself having a very odd reaction to them. At work, one of the things I’ve recently worked on is a narrative report for our cognitive testing software, and, at the time, I thought it was just a bunch of gobble-de-gook (that is a highly technical term). Most of the time I work in a complete vacuum, and I have absolutely no earthly idea who is using the software I write, or what they might use it for, or what any of the competition looks like. But tonight I suddenly felt like I wasn’t in such a vacuum any more. There actually IS a purpose for that stuff. Oh well, that is all for now.

A Moment, Please

I must take a moment and brag about the cool software I am currently working on.

A while back, I had written a program in VB.NET called Galleria, which created those picture gallery pages you’ve come to know and love on this site. Well, the interface pretty much sucked, so I knew I had to redo it eventually before I could even think about letting anyone else see it. That eventual day has finally arrived. I’ve been reshaping it into a rather spiffy-looking utility, and hopefully I’ll be able to release it soon. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to try to fully implement the contact sheet printing capability I just thought of tonight. It probably wouldn’t hurt. Anyway, I’m hoping this will be a 5-cow program.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, in the process of developing the revamped Galleria, I was dreading the process of creating the HTML help files. This was a major pain when I did Defector because I ended up writing basically the same material in two different places (in the source code comments and in the help files). This offends my programming instincts, so I thought to myself, self, what if there was a program that could scan my source code for XML comment blocks and convert them directly into nice-looking HTML help files? Such a tool would be priceless to a lazy programmer like myself! So to make a long story more boring, I wrote a program that does that and Galleria now has some help files generated directly from the source code.

Fun with Search Engines

I was looking at my web logs this morning and I noticed that someone had accessed an old Nova Design site design I had been working on ages ago and never deleted. Well it turns out they got there from a Yahoo search engine. So I searched on Yahoo for “Nova Design” and sure enough, there’s my old page at about #6 on the list. Heh. Guess I should delete it.


I’m sitting here waiting for Cynthia to get home so we can eat, so I thought I’d write some fascinating drivel on my page.

I noticed the other day that Nova Design (http://www.novadesign.com) has a brand new web design. (Nova Design being that place where I used to work on Amiga software.) I find some sadistic pleasure in noting that the ImageFX version number has not increased since I left. 🙂 Just kidding. Why would anyone work on Amiga software now anyway?? More importantly for them, why would anyone buy Amiga software now??

Speaking of image processing, over the weekend I also made some significant progress on my own personal image processing engine. It is now able to open up AVIs and seamlessly swap frames in and out of memory and stuff. I have some hopes that I might eventually come up with a program with which I can edit my home movie AVIs. My motiviation for this is the same as always: I don’t want to buy real AVI editing software, and I can most likely come up with a better software design than the thousands of highly-paid, highly-skilled people who have done it before me.

Oh well, Cynthia’s on her way home!

Busy Weekend

‘Twas a busy weekend here at Krehbiel Central. Saturday I finally got around to doing a bunch of miscellaneous housework like putting a rubber gizmo on the bottom of the utility room door and adding more weather stripping to the sliding door. Then I noticed one of the attic vents was not spinning like it was supposed to, so I climbed onto the roof and fixed it, and cleaned out the one piece of gutter on the back porch. (Yes, our house lacks gutters.) Then I got the mad idea to fill in a hole in the driveway with broken pieces of cinder block, which involved a lot more shovel-work than my back could stand. Then Cynthia’s brother came by with his stump grinder and zapped all the stumps from the trees we cut down during the winter, so I had to do some more shovel-work and fill in the holes where the stumps used to be. Anyway, yesterday my back was virtually incapable of bending, and today it’s only slightly better. But a lot of cool stuff got crossed off the ol’ todo list.

Today someone came by and removed our upstairs air conditioner for to replace it, since it was like busted and didn’t do anything useful. (We have a separate pump for upstairs.) Come to think of it, maybe someone just came in and stole the upstairs air conditioner! I bet they are worth a lot on the black market.

Superiority Rules

Arg. It’s quite frustrating to sit idly by while Julio mangles a multimedia project. Today he proudly declared to me, with the same bubbling pride that a toddler must feel after first discovering how to walk by himself, that he had cleverly deduced that his $3.99 audio card was the source of all the hissing he heard in his digital audio. DUH! Did anyone ask ME? Nooooo. Not that I get paid to answer those kind of questions, but that’s beside the point. Later, in researching an audio card upgrade, he balked out how expensive a “high quality” $100 Soundblaster card was. Sheesh. He’d die if he knew I spent over $900 for my MOTU 2048 MkII. Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! I love laughing at Julio and feeling superior. Ha ha!

Other than that, today sucked. The usual case of working all day on something, only to discover at the end of the day that Julio doesn’t really know what he wants yet, so I’ll probably have to re-do it all tomorrow. (Not that he’ll sit down to tell me what he wants until at least noon.)

In Case You Didn’t Know

I may have neglected to say this before, but Visual Basic 6 sucks. Period.

Who in their right mind would impose a limit of 254 control names on a form? Not to mention what a pain in the butt it is to dynamically create menus. Not to mention how easy it is for simple classes to spiral out of control into thousands of lines of spagetti.

Oh well, off to work. Yay!