There’s No Accounting For Cows

Cynthia is away helping a friend in Blacksburg until Saturday, so I am once again left in miserable solitude. As if that weren’t bad enough, I have to work tomorrow (a day I normally don’t have to work), reducing a potential 4-day weekend to a mere 3-day weekend. It sucks! (Yes, I’m well aware that most people would be ecstatic to have a 3-day weekend and I should be grateful for that, but I’m not and I don’t care who knows it.)

I didn’t mention this before because it was too humiliating, but I finally got my Tucows “review” back on Defector and I only got a measly stinking three cows. THREE COWS. What am I supposed to do with three cows?? I can’t exactly use that in any advertising. It was only one rating point away from being four cows, but still it was quite depressing. “Look at me! Buy my software! It got almost-four cows out of five!” But I’m not bitter. Actually I’m convinced the poor showing is not because there is anything wrong with my software, but because I didn’t pay for any of their “premium” submittal services and there is probably some grass roots anti-.NET conspiracy afoot somewhere in their midst.

Anyway, Defector is my next project goal now that I’m done with the Elmer stuff. Three cows indeed! This time it’s personal.

New Release

I just released Replica 1.4, a, ahem, “maintenance upgrade.”

There are also some new links on my page, but I won’t tell you what they are–you’ll just have to find them yourself!

I think I’m going to play with the page fonts now, I’m tired of this one.

Nevermind, I couldn’t find a better font so we’re stuck with this one.

Elmer Revisited

I’ve closed the book on another significant surge of work on preserving Elmer H. Krehbiel’s World War I diaries and letters. I have now transcribed all the letters, which amounted to more than twice as much text as the diaries, and the resulting combination of diaries and letters is over 75,000 words long. Printed on one side of 24# paper, it amounts to about 140 pages, and a stack about an inch tall.

After transcribing the letters, I went back through the diaries and attempted to correct any lingering transcription errors and further pinpoint the locations Elmer described. I found two excellent new resources with detailed information, the Regimental History of the 316th Infantry, and The Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War (found on the Internet). They contained detailed accounts of Elmer’s regimental activities, and most importantly, maps! I was able to pinpoint Elmer’s position within the Meuse-Argonne offensive to within a half mile. And I learned more information about travel routes that Elmer was not very specific about.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting stuff. I hope someday to publish it on a little better media than just a stack of paper, but that’s probably some distance in the future yet. While I covered an enormous amount of ground with the latest batch of transcriptions, there is still quite a bit I don’t know about Elmer and his adventures that I’d like to include in the tome.