It’s Official!

The incorporation papers are in! It’s a great day for democracy and the American way. Now I can start buying up television and radio stations, baseball teams, and start my own cable network!

Spambiel: La Mort d’Spam

Cynthia is in Blacksburg visiting a friend, so I have the house to myself until Saturday evening. Since I am a rather large party animal, I have decided to use this time to write a Spam Blocker program so I don’t have to buy one. So far, I have successfully written code to examine messages on a POP3 server, decide which ones are spam, and forward them to another (or the same) email address with a modified subject line for easy filtering by Outlook Express. Now I just need to put a spiffy interface on it and stuff it in the task tray. (In case you’re wondering, it’s stupifyingly easy to write a spam blocker program. On the other hand, it’s staggeringly hard to come up with an original name for a spam blocker program. Every conceivable permutation of the word “spam” combined with synonyms of the word “block” are already taken. Rejected names so far: SpamFry, SpamBegone, Spamicide, SpamFire, Spaminator, SpamDunk, SpamNet, SpamCan. Possibilities so far: La Mort d’Spam, Spambiel, WingSpam, Spam Shepherd.)

Speaking of Sam Shephard, I’ve been reading the Mark Bowden book Black Hawk Down. Yikes. The book paints a somewhat different (ie. more chaotically realistic and disturbing) picture of the situation than the movie.

In Other News

Having recently watched Black Hawk Down (yes, we were the last two people to see it), I’ve taken an interest in my grandfather’s World War I diaries again. In addition to the diaries themselves that I’ve already transcribed, I have a stack of letters he wrote back home during the same time period. I’ve now finally started transcribing the letters, which could conceivably amount to more text than the diaries.

In addition to the fascination of reading letters written to and from someone I’m related to but never knew, it’s very interesting to see the differences in day-to-day life between 1918 and 2004.

CD Changer and Amp Installed Again!

I finally got around to installing my old (c. 1998) Clarion stereo stuff from my old Toyota truck into my Mazda truck. It was a rather large pain and took up most of Sunday, but I’ve now got my CD changer and 200W amp back in place. My speaker system leaves something to be desired (2 nice midrange speakers in front and 1 old 8″ Blue Thunder wedge in back serving as a pseudo-subwoofer), but it’s such a remarkable improvement over the factory radio that I’m not too worried about it right now. Besides, I don’t think pumping another $525 into rear component speakers and a custom-fit subwoofer is very cost effective considering that a) it’s only a 15-20 minute drive to/from work and b) this Mazda will probably be replaced in a few years anyway.

Now I just need to find a different place for the CD changer than the passenger seat…

Latest News from Krehbiel-land

I figured it was time to write an update.

In no particular order, the following newsworthy events have occurred in and around the Krehbiel household:

– We cut down a great deal of trees from our back yard, including the massive pine tree that completely blocked our view of the house. I have pictures, but I am too lazy to post them.

– Cynthia had a brief heart scare and went to the emergency room as a precaution. We think some vitamins she started taking to help her knees was the culprit.

– Tristan got a haircut from a groomer.

– I have obtained a post office box, an employer identification number, and will be submitting articles of incorporation to the State Corporation Commission for Krehbiel Multimedia Enterprises, Inc. (KREME? hehe)

– I have obtained an account with share*, a place that distributes shareware software online.

– I have completed a new horror short story. I don’t think I’ll post this one though because Cynthia advised me it was more horrific than the previous one. (Yay!) Well, maybe I will sometime later.

– I am studying to take some Microsoft certification exams.