Read My Book Review Right Now

You heard me. Go read it. Right now. It’s in the Essays section. You can’t miss it.

What are you waiting for already? Quit reading this drivel and go read the book review.

Don’t make me come over there. I mean it! You think you’re safe but I know where you live! And I’ll know if you’ve read the book review or not; trust me on that one, my friend! All that talk about Big Brother in Cyberspace isn’t just the paranoid sensationalism of a twisted entertainment news media you know! I can tell what you’re thinking before you even think it, just by typing a few keystrokes on my computer here. Hell, I can even implant thoughts in your cerebrum if I hold down the CTRL key.

So just save yourself all the hassle of me having to control your mind and go read the book review.

Ye Gods

The stupid automatic pet diagnosis report is STILL not finished. Since I still have to hold Julio’s hand as he writes the stupid text, I still have to make myself available at times when he CAN write the stupid text, which is almost always outside of the normal workday of 8:30 – 5:15.

I can’t help but feel partially responsible for my predicament though because I foolishly designed a narrative text system that is extremely powerful yet not simple enough for Julio to use by himself. In other words, I completely failed to design a system suitable for my target audience. Oh well. Hopefully I will have learned my lesson for next time.

Btw I went back to a “protected” category because I got a little paranoid after having to send Julio an email from my home account. Thankfully I had removed the automatic signature directing people to my home page heh.

Cynthia’s New Job And My Old One

Cynthia has started a new job at NaturaLawn of America. (Yay!) She is currently away at a training seminar thingy in Maryland until Thursday. (Doh.)

I am still working at The Bad Place, where I will be working insane amounts of extra time this week. I am typing this now in the morning when I would normally be getting ready for work, but frankly I am not rushing to get there this morning since I am scheduled to be there until 9:30 tonight.

NaturaLawn of America

Finger Sandwiches

Have just activated the link to the first horror story I ever wrote, “Finger Sandwiches.” I wrote it in the year 2000. This is the first time I’ve let anyone read it. Note the warning at the top please. :)

Back to Yuck

Yesterday, the situation at Gulag 727 went back to generall yuckiness. As I’ve said before, my current ficitional task is to assist Julio in completing the automatic pet diagnosis report software. This software takes a series of statistical observations about your pet’s symptoms and then generates a long narrative report describing your pet’s condition and suggestions for treatments.

Julio’s part in this task is to dictate a paragraph for each possible condition your pet could conceivably have, and to determine which conditions are worth mentioning and which aren’t and so forth. My part in this task is to write down what Julio dictates.

Tuesday, Julio arrived at 9:00 and we worked fairly well together, completing a large amount of narrative text.

Yesterday, Julio arrived late and we didn’t get started until 11:30, and he kept running off to do other things and kept thinking of new things to add into the report (making it longer and longer and longer, and thus more time consuming). Frustratingly, by the time I left at about 7:30PM, we had completed only a fraction of what we had accomplished on Tuesday. Additionally, we will need to go back over sections we’ve already finished and add more text to them, so we are now quite effectively going backwards instead of forwards. It was quite maddening, especially considering the fact that he has reiterated time and time again how much he needs to complete this project as soon as possible.

I am scheduled to work Saturday from 9AM to “whenever.” Julio wants to work a “full day.” I certainly hope he plans to work more efficiently than he did yesterday.

Oh well. That is all.


Today was quite bizzare at Gulag 727. Julio arrived at about 9AM ready to work on the automatic pet diagnosis project. I was quite stunned. We got a lot done. (Well, he did–all I did most of the day was a lot of typing.) I can’t recall too many other days with so much focused effort from Julio.

Not only that, but he actually apologized for dumping a new task on me at 5:09PM yesterday. (Admittedly after I had pointed it out in a somewhat passively-aggressively sarcastic remark in my daily summary of activity.)

Oh and I added another entry to the Fictional Survival Tips inspired by today’s fictional events.