Wet Collie

There’s not really anything interesting going on right now, but I thought I would update the site just so I could use my new and improved email notification features again.

I updated my X-Files primer a little bit, after Cynthia and I watched two episodes from Season 5 tonight. I finally realized why Scully went wandering out on that bridge with the other abductees! I had forgotten she had the implant put back in her neck earlier in the season. We couldn’t figure out what the title “The Red and the Black” meant though.

Cynthia just gave the dog a bath with a new vortex cyclonic action dog sprayer gizmo. Collies look pretty silly when they’re wet. :)

Lineage 2?

Yellow reports that Lineage 2 could be the next big massively multiplayer online RPG.

[10:53] <LoT-Yellow|work> lineage 2

[10:53] <LoT-Yellow|work> its a korean based rpg

[10:54] <LoT-Yellow|work> something like 2 million koreans played the original heh

[10:54] <LoT-Yellow|work> might have seen the news stories about online gangs going real life with their pvp :p

[10:54] <]CC[-UV-idle2> heh

[10:54] <]CC[-UV-idle2> that’s a little scary :)

[10:55] <LoT-Yellow|work> yeah heh

[10:55] <LoT-Yellow|work> i figure if it spawns that sort of action tho, it must be good!

Here is a Time Magazine article about the original Lineage.

Lineage 2 Web Site

Email notification improved

Today I improved the email notification considerably. I also added some new site administration features that only I am able to see, but trust me they are pretty cool.

Not Quite As Yuck

Today was not a bad day in the fictional world of Cerebral Locomotion, although I really don’t remember much of it since I was somewhat doped up on cold medicine. I do remember Julio going on a bit about, erm, dogs and cats for quite a long time though.

Thankfully I don’t have to be fictional again until Sunday, when I will have the wonderful opportunity to do some fictional dictation. I anticipate that this will help my fictional programming skills immensely.

You wouldn’t think a fictional veterinarian would have much use for a fictional programmer, but you would be wrong. Everything runs on fiction these days, you know.

Wednesday Night At The Germ Factory

I think I have caught a cold. It was difficult to catch, seeing as how it was moving very fast, but I am a very nimble sort of person with fast reflexes so I was able to grab it.

I have successfully updated my Resume tonight. I think it looks rawther good if I do say so myself. Well, what the hell, I’ll just go ahead and say it. “Your resume looks really good.” Thanks. I thought so too.

Yuck continued

You may notice that the Sarcasm section is no longer “protected.” This is a blatant passive-aggressive move on my part. Fortunately I am a fictional character so there is no harm in this.

Today was slightly better at the completely fictional offices of Cerebral Locomotion. At least until noon when Julio disclosed that we need to get back on the other project we’ve (ie. he’s) been stalling on for about a month now. And since Julio is usually booked all through the day seeing.. ah.. let’s see, animals! That’s it! Cerebral Locomotion is a veterinary clinic! So since Julio is treating animals all day he doesn’t have much time to work with me on this other project. Let’s call it Project Mango for clarity. Project Mango has been officially moved up into the “urgent” slot, so Julio needs me to come in on Saturdays or Sundays until Project Mango is finished. Gina needs it done, the salespeople need it done, the customers who have already bought it are asking when it will be done, the entire fate of the company and possibly the State of Vermont and part of Northern Ireland depends on me coming in Saturdays and Sundays to pitch in and get Project Mango finished.

What is my part in Project Mango you ask? Well, I finished writing the software for Project Mango a long, long time ago. (I can still remember when that software used to make me smile.) Let’s say Project Mango is a program that automatically describes your pet’s condition after you give it your pet’s symptoms. Well, Julio is responsible for writing the text that describes your pet’s condition. He has to write text for every possible condition your pet could have. You would think a grown man could write text by himself, but unfortunately Julio is rarely capable of doing anything by himself but screwing things up, so my invaluable part in Project Mango is to take dictation while Julio describes all the possible conditions a pet could have. Yes, I will be sitting in a chair staring at the screen while Julio dictates pet diagnoses for hours on end.

If that’s not software development, I don’t know what is!


So yesterday it snows. Most of us struggle into work somewhere in the vicinity of the correct time. Julio and his charming wife Gina, decide to sleep in. Gina arrives around 1pm. Julio arrives sometime around 4:30pm.

So Julio sits down in my cubicle with a stack of papers at about 5:25pm and asks where we are with the urgent project. I bite back a reply of “well I’m about to go home seeing as how I’ve been here working on it all day while you’ve been loafing around on your snow day.” I tell him I’m waiting for Gina’s new instructions to be recorded. Well the guy who does the recording has been on the phone literally all afternoon handling tech support calls, so no recording could take place. Julio proceeds to go ballistic, ranting and raving about how he had promised to deliver this project by 10pm. He rants at the aforementioned guy that he shouldn’t have been dealing with paying customers or potential customers when he should have been recording Gina. Whatever. Then he wants to see the program, get this, FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Mind you, I have been working on this program for at least two weeks.) I went home somewhat irritated.

So today it does not snow, but the roads are definitely not in peak condition. All of us struggle into work somewhere in the vicinity of the correct time. Gina arrives late in the morning with her teenage daughter in tow. (Cerebral Locomotion also serves as Gina’s personal day care center, so this completely unspoiled daughter has to be found some work to do.) Julio decides to grace us with his presense around 1:30pm. Then he proceeds to fuck around with things that are completely unrelated to the urgent project that needs to go out immediately if not sooner. He seemed particularly obsessed with finding 9 volt batteries for a decibel meter, and finding something for his utterly unspoiled daughter to do. So then he sits down in my cubicle around 4:30pm and starts taking an interest in the urgent project. Naturally, after seeing the program for the SECOND time, he notices a problem in the testing logic. This is the same code that has been in production, readily available for him or anyone to look at anytime, at work or at home, for at least one entire month. Julio declares, after consulting with Gina, that changes must be made. I bite back bitter retorts and make the changes, seeing my chances of getting home by 6 go up in smoke. Then Julio declares that his 100% un-spoiled-rotten daughter has to take the c. 25min test. Thankfully she made only one ridiculous observation that the instructions should say “the number 3” instead of the “the number <3>.” This was an easy thing to fix since I took the time earlier in the project life cycle to externalize most of the instructions for just such emergencies. Then Julio decides that 6:30pm is the appropriate time to start launching into speeches about future variations of testing programs and the things I should work on tomorrow (as if I don’t already have a long list of things to do).

Sigh. Anyway, Julio has been in rare form the last couple days, displaying his complete lack of management ability, respect for other people’s time, and inability to use his own time wisely.

Time to brush off the resume again I guess.

New Pictures Available

Some new pictures are now available for viewing. Check out Fiona Stealing Tristan’s Bed and Our New House Taking Shape.


P.S. We now have the X-Files Seasons 1-7!! W00p!

Defector Public Beta

In what can only be described as a stunning display of hubris, I have released the first public beta version of my self-critically-acclaimed Defector software. For more information, take a gander at the UVTEK Software page. It’s all just too exciting for words.