233 Hour Powerlessness Ends

[This power outage was caused by Hurricane Irene.]

I was sitting in the living room reading the comics by the light of the window, when I heard the strangest sound. Something started clicking over by the piano. I thought the cat had knocked something over, but it just kept clicking and clicking. I went to investigate, and saw that Cynthia’s metronome was on. Cynthia’s metronome is plugged into the wall. I picked it up and listened to it, thinking to myself “how could this possibly be clicking when there’s no power?”

Then I thought, “wait a minute, THERE *IS* POWER!!”

I rushed around the house – yes, the bedroom lamps are on. Yes, the refrigerator is on (and smelling quite icky too unfortunately). Yes, the back porch light is on. It’s not a hallucination!

This is one time I am VERY happy to note that Dominion Virginia Power was completely wrong on their estimate of September 30 for restoring our power.

The Devil.com

Just so everyone knows, Robert S. Kieren is the devil. He is my arch-nemesis in the Cyberworld. To find out why, go to uvtek.com and look under the “U”s of Technology domain names for sale.

Come on, how desperate do you have to be to want to profit from uvtek.com? I mean, sure I know that someday I’m going to have a thriving multi-million dollar uvtek industry, but how could Robert S. Kieren possibly predict this? I guess my home page looks so amazing to him that he decided he better squat on uvtek.com DAMN QUICK. Dollar signs must have lit up his eyes and visions of an 8000 square foot house on the beach must have filled his head the minute my home page opened in his browser.

The sad thing is I’m actually tempted to find out how much he’d sell me my domain name for. :)

Important Gaming History

A quick update before I go to work: I found two neat links to important games in first person role-playing game history. I played both of these games when they came out (on a Radio Shack Color Computer and an Amiga 1000, respectively) and you can definitely see how they influenced later games. (Frankly, most later games were not as good.)

The Dungeons of Daggorath PC Port Project page has a version of the classic game Dungeons of Daggorath ported to Windows.

The Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopedia has Windows and Linux versions of these classic, ground-breaking games for the Atari ST and Amiga.

I’m glad there are people out there with nothing better to do, who can make these old games available for me to enjoy again! (Seriously.)