I got a !@#$!@# raise today. How wonderful. Julio tells me I’m “invaluable,” “talented,” and that he “loves working with me.” I refrained from puking and said “thanks, I appreciate that.”

Why do I always get stuck in the weirdest job situations??

New Dynamic Content

In another desperate attempt to relive the Golden Age of Internet gaming, I added a section on the contents frame which shows Crayola Clan match results throughout history. (Thanks to ]CC[-Red for sending me the Crayola Clan match results database.)

The Unpacking Continues

The unpacking continues here at the new Krehbiel residence. I have managed to clear enough space in my computer room for the rolltop desk (I did this by moving boxes into the closet heh), and have filled up most of my bookcase. Cynthia is assembling her library of books in the Upper Room closet and doing Great Things with the kitchen.

We had a cablemodem outage here over the weekend, thanks to the noobs that came out to hookup the cable over a week ago. They sort of forgot to “register” the cablemodem here at the new place. So I had to call *shudder* Comcast tech support to figure out how to solve this problem. Let’s just say that calling Comcast tech support is one of the least fun experiences you can experience.

I’m thinking about selling some old Amiga stuff on eBay, so keep an eye out for that. Most likely my Amiga 1000 will go on the chopping block, and I have two Amiga 2000s that are unlikely to have any purpose ever again. Not to mention about a hundred thousand miscellaneous Amiga-related bits of hardware, software, and books. I actually went through my old, old Amiga floppy collection and burned most of my old, old source code onto a CDROM. If only I could get back my old, old, old TRS-80 Color Computer assembly code! That would be fun to look at. Oh well. Even if I still had a Color Computer, I doubt if I could transfer the 5 1/4″ floppies to a more useful medium.

Network Enabled!

Due to my superior wiring skeelz, the new house now has network outlets in 3 rooms! It took me all stinkin day to do it though. Oh well.


The cable is on in the new house, so I thought I’d write a quick update.

Other than the moving truck getting stuck in the deceptively muddy front yard, The Move was pretty successful. Unfortunately we picked the most humid day in history to move, which resulted in some difficulty in taking pictures. However, I got a few pictures here and there.

Now back to figuring out how to run a network cable through the walls from upstairs to downstairs.

Pictures from The Move

[Pictures removed due to broken links, sorry.]