Crunchy Frogs

Julio is insane! I worked on THREE completely different programs today, at times almost simultaneously. I’d start a task and then Julio would come back a half hour later and give me something else to do. Amazingly, I finished everything he asked (well, I AM pretty amazing). I think I am doing him a disservice by being able to deliver results so quickly — it gives him the luxery to wait until the very last possible second to put together a program release. It’s been four months of el-zilcho and now suddenly there’s a show coming up next week and the silly programs HAVE TO BE FINISHED RIGHT NOW. ALL ELSE IS MEANINGLESS. GET THE PROGRAMS OUT THE DOOR, NO MATTER HOW CRAPTASTIC IT IS. Quality is not important here, just quantity. If you can run the program for a few seconds without a major system crash, it’s ready to ship!

Brief Intermission

Our cable service will be interrupted from tomorrow until August 6th, so you probably won’t hear from us Move-weary Krehbiels until then.

As if getting ready to move wasn’t bad enough, this week is the infamous “crunch week” at work since there is a big conference or something happening next week.

Let The Packing Begin!

Well I’ve started packing up my office here in earnest, since I had the extreme lack of foresight to only ask for the single moving day off from work. (Not that I would have gotten any more time off anyway since it’s *cough* “crunch time.”) So I’m trying to get as much stuff packed and ready to go as possible. Basically I’m going to pack up everything but this computer. Which means I need to quit typing and get to work!

I was going to take a nice picture of the “sold” sign on the house today but I forgot.

Email Notifications Continued

Have continued the email notification experiments tonight. It should now only send email notifications when a special page is loaded, which I can schedule to be run at regular intervals (say once a day). This way, users would not get an email each time an individual update occurs.

Contract Signed!

Our realtor did indeed present us with three offers for the house, and we accepted the third one. It was rather difficult to turn down considering they offered $4000 more than our asking price — IN CASH.

Closing is scheduled for September 5.

Site Updates

I’ve been playing with the style sheet and trying to find a better news presentation, so you will probably notice something different every time you visit. I haven’t yet fixed the essays page either so it may be screwed up during the process.

3 Offers?

Our realtor has informed us that he may have up to THREE offers for us to look at this evening!

Just so you know, the cat door installation was a success, despite having initially cut out the pattern upside-down.

Showings Galore

We have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR showings on the house today! So while all those people are pawing over the house, we are going to the new house to install a cat door.

A Nibble?

Yesterday the realtors came by and put a for-sale sign out front! And amazingly enough, we have apparently gotten an interested party already: Rumor has it someone will be viewing the house tomorrow.

In other news, Cynthia got my truck all dirty moving pine tags around! To compensate for this imbalance in the universe, tonight I cleaned off my computer desk.

This Article Has No Title

We signed the papers last night (actually Cynthia did) so our house is officially “on the market.” Unfortunately we were not able to talk our realtors into raising the price more than $900, but oh well.

P.S. I found this page where you can listen to all of the Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” radio spots:

Budweiser Real American Heroes

[Link updated to another site.]