Recent Aggravator Updates

In case anyone uses it, there’s been some minor changes to the Aggravator lately.

  • Added a “Bookmark on” link, which was in the original Aggravator but never made it into version 2.
  • Feed and item links now go straight to the source blog instead of the internal data pages.  Ditto for the blog links on the sidebar.  Should be better for sending traffic to the blogs.  (Don’t remember why I didn’t do that in the first place.)
  • Tags shown in the sidebar are now limited to feeds that aren’t idle or failing.
  • Added a “shuffle” query parameter to randomize the order of entries on the page.  This is handy if you tend to look at the aggregator page at the same time every day.  It minimizes the chance of showing the same blog at the top of the page all the time.
  • It’s always been there, but the “noimg” query parameter attempts to filter out images and embeds if, like me, you can’t stand seeing that stuff on the page.

I still have a lot of plans for the aggregator, but I only work on it about once every 6 months, so improvements are pretty slow.