Bill Richardson Handicaps His Own Campaign

So far, I like the second-tier 2008 presidential candidates a lot more than the first-tier candidates. One of them, Bill Richardson, has just signed a bill allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes in New Mexico, according to CNN. At the risk of sounding cynical, this sounds like something that will probably doom him to remain in the second tier.

2 Replies to “Bill Richardson Handicaps His Own Campaign”

  1. Why would that be? Who is this huge Democratic party constituency that is opposed to allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients? Even cocaine is in regular use as an anesthetic by doctors. Yet it’s not as if that leads to some sort of disaster. I can’t imagine this hurting Richardson at all.

  2. Cocaine has not been used medically in the US since 1914. I have heard that it’s used a little bit in Europe.

    Other than that, I agree with you that this won’t hurt Richardson with Democrats. I don’t think it will hurt him too much with most Republicans, either.

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