The Chocolate Jesus

I hope all the people who keep saying that Muslims are the only ones who freak out when people offend their religion are taking note of incidents like this. Oh, but there weren’t any riots, burnings, or killings, people will say. The end result is the same, though: Intimidation of minorities and stifling free thought.

P.S. I can understand people being upset about religious art displays involving elephant dung and urine, but chocolate??

2 Replies to “The Chocolate Jesus”

  1. I think it’s the same general principle as the Cartoon Riots — a group of people complaining about and trying to stop something that they deem offensive to their religion. The main difference between angry Christians in America and angry Muslims in Europe is the method of protesting the offensive behavior: We’ve evolved to the point of using publicity and lobbying and litigation but they’re still using guns and knives and fires. The goal of both, though, is to eliminate the offensive material and send a stern warning to anyone who thinks about offending them in the future. (I think both groups are wrong to do so — the concept of religious freedom requires making room for ideas you don’t agree with.)

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