Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thoughts On The War On Culture

I've been thinking about this War on Culture. It seems to exist on many different parallel hierarchies. (In software, it could be represented with a TreeView control.)

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Abuse Photos

Another tough day to find anything to comment on. Muslim protesters continued to protest, and "journalists" kept trying to uncover a Cheney scandal.

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Cynthia said,

No link to the abuse photos?

Tuesday Smorgasbord

A smorgasbord of topics today as I sit here in agonizing pain from a strained neck muscle.

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Friday Smorgasbord

No one story has jumped out at me today, so here's a link-fest of random cultural interests.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I came across the article, Onward, Christianist soldiers?, by Ruth Walker of the Christian Science Monitor today, after I saw a reference to the word "Christianist" on a liberal blog. It's a good read. The term is very appropriate, too. During the recent Book of Daniel Incident, I've noticed that the word "Christian" is quickly becoming a derogatory term in this country, and I've often been annoyed at being put under a blanket label of "those stupid Christians" by people of the liberal persuasion. "Christianist" is much more appropriate, and I think I'll start using it from now on. Just like Osama is an "Islamist fundamental," Pat Roberson will henceforth be known as a "Christianist fundamental."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Musical Krehbiel

American choir shares German town’s sorrow with gift of song is a touching piece about the Bethel College Concert Choir being the first to sing in Bad Reichenhall (Germany) after a roof collapse killed 15 people, mostly children, a week earlier. Of particular note to Krehbiels was "the male octet Open Road's rendition of "Lord, be near me," an original piece by Moundridge senior and Open Road member Joel Krehbiel."

Fred Backs Joe

I missed this news from a few days ago: Molex CEO Fred Krehbiel seems to like Republican Joe Birkett for lieutenant governor of Illinois. He contributed $10,000 to his campaign fund. See Governor raises $15.5 million, and scroll way down to the bottom. I suppose it's not surprising to see a Krehbiel backing a Republican candidate (all the Krehbiels I've known are Republican, or at least strongly resemble Republicans), but if I had millions of dollars, I might choose differently.

Wry Henry

I just saw this little insight into the personality of music critic Henry Edward Krehbiel in A Met Broadcast Moment.

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Sam Swims To Second

Sam Krehbiel and the Macomb High School Bombers placed second in a swim meet last Thursday night, missing first place by two points (I think--I don't really understand swim points). See MHS swimmers edged in meet competition for the exciting details. A tough loss, but I'm sure it was fun for everyone involved (everyone who likes swimming, that is). Macomb is in Illinois, by the way. Krehbiels pretty much rule the heartland.

The Danger of Sheehan

When Cindy Sheehan first arrived on the scene, I was touched by her story. How could anyone not be? I didn't particularly think the President should give in and talk to her in Camp Casey--he already had once, after all, and that's more than most Americans get--but she made a brave stand. Now I just feel sorry for her. And... she worries me.

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No Humor Required

And you thought Christianist fundamentals were bad. Check out Storm grows over Muhammad cartoons.

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Wild Conspiracy Theories

I found the following text on Americablog (about as liberal of a blog as you can possibly get without being Michael Moore's own blog), referring to today's news that Homeland Security knew about the levee breaks in New Orleans a day before the Bush administration said they did.

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Thursday Blogworld Wrapup

Yesterday Blogworld was busy taking sides on the Dubai Port Sale.

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Monday Smorgasbord, Feb 27

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker writes about an Islamic domination angle that I hadn't heard before: The Islamist Attack on Intellectual Property. A world without intellectual property sounds pretty bleak, and not just because my whole career is based on it. Wait, nevermind... it is because my whole career is based on it.

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Tuesday Smogasbord - Feb 28

Winner of today's most disturbing look into the life of a typical Palestinian, via. Little Green Footballs: A Mother from Hell. This woman is actually disappointed that her daughter failed to become a suicide bomber (she was caught before her bomb vest went off). I have a pretty good imagination, but that is just incomprehensible. The whole Arab-Israeli conflict is so alien to me that it might as well be taking place on Venus.

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