Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Olbermann Rhetoric Busting

I saw another of Olbermann's "Special Commentaries" last night. This time he tried to fact check the president's SOTU claims of foiling four terrorist plots. One could almost imagine Olbermann's outrage at the very idea of the president taking credit for any positive steps in the global war on terror, and his single-minded conviction to overturn those claims of counterterrorism success, no matter how far he had to stretch for evidence.

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Whackette said,

The system is very hard to use. Email me please.

Chris Graham said,


You might have found this by now, but since you raised issue with my access to "online court records," I thought it necessary to point this out.

The case numnber for the 2003 DWI for Mary Brandt Sayre is GT03008871-00.

If you or any of your readers enters that into the case number search field for Rockbridge County General District Court under "inactive cases," the case file comes right up.

In that case file, you will see that Sayre was charged with "DWI, 1st."

You will also see that she was found "guilty," was sentenced to "30 day(s)," all "30 day(s)" of which were suspended, and paid a fine of "$100.00."

Like you, I'm all about fact-checking and accountability - and I wanted to make that known to you and your readers.

Chris Graham said,

Quick Update: Now the courts website is giving me trouble with that case number in the case number search.

One other way to fact-check this, then, would be to go to the Rockbridge County General District Court case page, enter "sayre" under "inactive cases," and then a file with that case number comes up.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This Just In: Olbermann Is Annoying

I don't just hate Leftophobic propaganda from Staunton. For example, I also find Olbermann's "special commentaries," which should more accurately be described as, "angry, personal attacks against President Bush to get ratings," really annoying. One expects those kind of rants from Rightophobic bloggers, but from the host of what is advertised as a "news" show? Give me a break. Check your journalistic integrity at the door, folks. (Not that he had any to start with.)

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Olberman Isn't Above Spin, Either

Keith Olberman's This Hole In The Ground speech is making the rounds of liberal blogs. The Agonist went so far as to call the speech "true courage."

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