Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Dixie Chicks Witch Hunt

I'll admit I'm not a Dixie Chicks fan (though their latest album is pretty good). Most of the Chicks' material is about girlie stuff -- you know, how men are lyin' cheatin' bastards and so forth -- that doesn't particularly resonate with me. And -- I hesitate to mention this because it might brand me a terrorist-sympathizer -- I'm not fond of bluegrassy country music in general.

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R. Lawson said,

I have a difficult time understanding how someone claiming to be a programmer just learned what an H-1b visa is.

Please learn more about this at techpol.blogspot.com. Read studies by Norm Matloff and John Miano. Get a bigger picture by reading Ron Hira's book - it includes offshore outsourcing and offshoring.

The ITAA is a long-time opponent of IT workers. I am shocked that a programmer in this day in age is not aware of this.

Do you work for a small company? That would be the only explanation - lack of exposure to the global labor market.

Alice said,

Harris Miller's interview at MyDD

Info_Tech_Guy said,


My blog, The Modern Patriot contains many postings about Miller.

I hope that you'll stop by and read some of the material. I'd be happy to discuss the issues with you.

If you visit Raising Kaine, you'll find that I've also posted extensively there. My postings are searchable.

I also recommend the diaries of Kathy Gerber on RK. She has done wonderful research on Miller's lobbying activities.

Info_Tech_Guy said,

Here's a useful paper initially offered as Congressional testimony from Dr. Norman Matloff (whom r. lawson mentioned): "Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ed Sells Out.. er.. Moves On

Captain's Quarters: The Road Goes Ever On. How disappointing that the relatively moderate, thoughtful, and literate Captain Ed is being absorbed by the Michelle Malkin-branded corporate noise machine. (I can only assume this is a monetary decision... Malkin must be paying him more than he makes from his own blog.)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Sisters Afraid Of Death

Hot Air "director and producer" Bryan Preston also gives out free(?) advertising for Ramesh Ponnuru's book: The Party of Death.

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Sisters Must Face Harsh Reality

Quick followup: Michelle Malkin ever-so-quietly remarked that Andrea Clarke Has Died. Yes, under the care of the newly installed pro-life Dr. Lentz, she died anyway. No word yet on whether the sisters will be issuing an apology to the hospital ethics committee for interfering in their business, or whether Hot Air "director and producer" Bryan Preston will be complimenting the hospital for making the tough but absolutely correct decision to declare Andrea's case futile.

Friday, June 9, 2006

The Spy Who Spews Hot Air

In a predictable display of immaturity, Michelle Malkin's Hot Air division sent a "spy" to the Yearly Kos convention. So far, the plant has been struggling mightily to find things to mock... I mean... report on (for a second there I almost forgot that Malkin and co. carry the weighty credentials of "Fox News Analysts"). Infiltrating Yearly Kos: Post 1, for example, contains nothing but... erm... hot air. The second installment, Infiltrating Yearly Kos: “No, no, no, don’t call them a Nazi,” almost sounds like the spy is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. (Perhaps the wingnut spy realizes how much he has in common with the moonbats.) Then, in the third installment, Infiltrating Yearly Kos: Now with photos, he recovers a little self-awareness and tries some wingnut humor on completely ordinary incidents.

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Hot Air Worthy Of Name

Yet another example of either spin, propaganda, or ignorance from a blogger (this one happens to be conservative) at the new, aptly named, "Hot Air:" Pare Amnistia Ahora! The Cero Peso Campaign.

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